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Easy works with reservations, which is below the standard rates in the cancun airport taxis, because this can save large amounts and get prices from less than 50% of a common taxi, and get better services with cars fully equipped for your comfort, same happens with tours and also different services that we offer.

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Enter your travel details in our booking system. It is very simple, all we need is time of arrival / departure flight information and destination (hotel, etc). We also offer transfers to / from the port, Cruise Terminal and any other destination. For the latter two, simply email us at info(a) for booking.

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Once you enter the details of your trip, you can select arrival payment to confirm your reservation. You can pay in American dollars (USD) or in Mexican pesos (MXN), does not have to make payments in advance, you can easily pay on arrival.

1- Your payment guarantees your vehicle, despite the claims that may be the same day. This way, you can stay quiet. WILL NOT HAVE TO WAIT AT THE AIRPORT.

2 - You can change your booking as many times as desired, simply by sending an email or see right through the 'View your reservation' section on the top right corner.

Pay safely with your credit card
Once you enter the details of your trip, you make a secure payment with your credit card to confirm your reservation. There is no exchange of cash at the airport! If for some reason you decide to cancel your booking after making your payment, do not worry, we will offer to return the equivalent of your payment or credit for a future booking as marked in our cancellation policy, whichever you prefer!

1- Your payment guarantees your vehicle, despite the claims that may be the same day. This way, you can stay quiet. WILL NOT HAVE TO WAIT AT THE AIRPORT.

2 - Weoffer a refund policy of 100%. If you cancel in advance, we will refund your money. You can change your booking as many times as desired, simply by sending an email or see right through the booking section on the top right corner. INTRODUCTION   Module I WELCOME TO ESL! 1.1 What is ESL? 1.1.1 Definition 1.1.2 Origins Quality politics Mission View Quality politics Quality Objectives        Module II INTERNAL STRUCTURE   2.1 Areas and departments 2.1.1 Administration Accounting Human Resources 2.1.2 Maintenance Mechanical Maintenance Corporate image Purchases Storage 2.1.3 Sales Marketing Customer Care 2.1.4 Operation 2.1.5 Surveillance and external oversight.   conclusions   I bibliographic 'WELCOME TO YOUR COMPANY !!     This manual is intended for all personnel entering ESL TRANSPORT TOURS AND TRANSFERS S.A. DE C.V. because it lets you know generally the company to which you belong today.   Our goal is to meet the goals we pursue and the type of service we offer.   We hope you find interesting topics and you come to your company as one can estimate what we know and belong to us; to achieve our goal of being the best in our industry. INTRODUCTION   We hope that today is the starting point of a long and successful experience of work, your work is important not only for you and your family, but also for ESL TRANSPORT TRANSFERS AND TOURS S.A. DE C.V., since the efforts of all who toiled here, is "to be the best in terms of auto transport service is concerned."   Your work and how you develop what you may lead to future equal opportunities for all. Moreover, you will receive ESL TRANSPORTES TRANSFERS AND TOURS S.A. DE C.V. through your heads all the help you need for your development and job growth based on your enthusiasm and personal effort, you get to where you would propose.   Executives, employees and operators give you the warmest welcome to our Company; "OUR" because here we work and we are proud to belong to it, now consider yourself part of us too.   ESL TRANSPORT TOURS AND TRANSFERS S.A. DE C.V. seeks to establish a climate of confidence in the work desirable primarily because we are a team important and significant because of the work we do with our customers and our society.   We want TRANSPORT TOURS AND TRANSFERS ESL S.A. DE C.V. not only is a means of living, if you feel in a pleasant working environment and become part of us.    WELCOME TO ESL!   LEARNING OUTCOMES   THE END OF THE MODULE venturer shall recognize and shall indicate the MISSION, VISION AND QUALITY POLICY OF THE COMPANY.   The basic element of quality is people. Without satisfied employees it is not possible to have satisfied customers. We wish to have this kind of fellow !.   The self-esteem of us as employees grows when we are integrated and are a fundamental part of the strategy of the organization. A successful program welcome prepares us to take our behaviors and attitudes based help us understand our responsibilities and roles to actively represent the organization and create value.   We should be integrated with the other actions of Human Resources allowing mutual support, because for example, when an organization wants to implement a new strategy or change a program, requires necessarily be aligned with the attitudes and behavior of employees so that it can match the vision of the organization. The correct knowledge of our company promotes the development of our workforce will be a key point of this organization that wishes to gain a competitive advantage.   Ultimately, the aim of knowing our company is to create the environment and the right environment that allows us as workers feel at home to give the results expected of us.     WHAT IS ESL?   DEFINITION     HOW DO YOU KNOW YOUR COMPANY IS CALLED? In our color logo that identifies us is blue and yellow RED which means reliability, simplicity, strength, loyalty and leadership   The word "ESL" is derived from the first 3 letters of the full name of the founder of the company   E = Emanuel S = Sanchez L = Leyva        LEONOR LEYVA SILOS And ERNESTO JUAREZ SANCHEZ   It is well-known that the rotation shuttle which we carry is the transport and tourism personnel.   TRANSPORT ESL is contemplated legally as a limited company (SA) Variable Capital (C.V.).          Airport Taxi cancun Cancun airport transfers Taxi cancun Taxi cancun cancun airport transportation cancun airport transportation   ORIGINS     This is our story, TRANSPORT TOURS AND TRANSFERS ESL S.A. DE C.V. is a company founded in 2010 with the acquisition of transport HUYACAN SA, which took more than 11 years in the market PERSONAL transport and tourism.   ESL TRANSPORT TRANSFERS S.A. DE C.V. It sets out with the firm intention of offering a unique service in the transport market and tourism personnel   Thanks to sophisticated systems and the professionalism with which it operates, TRANSPORT TOURS AND TRANSFERS ESL S.A. DE C.V. It is recognized for its highly reliable service.     Therefore it is easy to know what identifies us and represents us in our slogan:   "TRANSPORT INSURANCE"     QUALITY POLITICS              From the origins of our company, to this day has been searched and have developed methods of internal control for our different areas and departments; This is done at present based on the management and knowledge of our mission, vision, quality policy and quality objectives.           1.2.1 OUR MISSION   What is the mission? ....... It is a description that summarizes the strategic aims and core values ​​that should be known, understood and shared by all people who work in the organization.   So our mission is "to provide our customers with services that meet their needs Personnel Transportation and Tourism, in an efficient, safe and timely maintaining market leadership, with our greatest asset, which is the Human Capital committed with continuous improvement and supported in a technological point support. "     1.2.2 OUR VISION   What it is the vision? ....... It is an idea or set of ideas we have of the organization in the future, manifested evidently and to all person groups the interest and challenge of the company that will motivate and prompt the creative capacity of our staff in all activities they develop inside and outside the company.   So our vision is: "To maintain leadership in the market of Mexico City and its conurbation, coma Quality of service, reliability and profitability and reiterating our commitment to society."   OUR QUALITY POLICY   In Transportes ESL, our main commitment is to develop and implement effective operating systems for measurement and control objectives, processes and services to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.   1.2.4 OUR GOALS OF QUALITY   Achieve continuous improvement of the different processes of the company, aimed at meeting the needs of customers. Controlling the profitability of each of the services. Ensure that information system, is equal to the physical existence in stock. Increase in the medium term fleet units to increase the participation of the company in the market CANCUN City and its conurbation. Create the technological infrastructure required to support the growth of the company. Formalize the institutionalization of the company through the implementation of a Quality Management System according to the ISSO 9001: 2000, excluding 7.3 Optimize vehicle fleet.     INTERNAL STRUCTURE   LEARNING OUTCOMES   THE END OF MODULE identify PARTICIPANT GENERAL FUNCTIONS OF EACH OF THE DEPARTMENTS AND AREAS OF THE COMPANY     The success of any organization depends on the loyalty of customers, investors and us as employees. The treatment we receive and give is of vital importance, which favors improving our productivity, and improve relations with all the people around us. Along with this, our relationship as employees will be one of the most important variables differentiate ourselves from our competitors because of this we need to know how this made our company and the overall functioning of the same   2.1 Areas and departments   As in all businesses TRANSPORT ESL S.A. DE C.V., also maintains a structure that allows you to address the different needs and problems to provide efficient service to our customers, so it has a number of areas because of its structure favor the competitiveness of our company in the market. These areas are management, maintenance, SALES, OPERATING AND SURVEILLANCE, each composed of a number of departments specifically taking a series of activities that allow the overall operation of the company. Below you find the different departments of the company and its main functions within their areas.   2.1.1 Administration   The administration area has a number of departments that together carry the Administration, the order and optimization of financial and human resources of the Company. Accounting   This department is responsible for filing the financial and accounting information TRANSPORT ESL S.A. DE CV, besides keeping updated the company in the field of transport legislation and taxation, monitors and timely payments of services and payments to providers Company also verifies the appropriate charges for services rendered, among many other functions .   It also depends on this department general company box, where the timely payment of weekly payroll, services and apply the provision and reimbursement of expenses to check operators, record transactions and deliver proof is done by the Accounting outputs money. Among other functions. Human Resources   Among many other activities performed timely payment of payroll and control the movements of employees and verify the damages that are made corresponding to the IMSS and Infonavit in appropriate cases correctly. Is strict control of the internal file of each worker, includes control related to holiday in this topic, and provide uniforms corresponding to each position.   Human Resources also within this department Recruitment and Selection where takes place the process of incorporation of the company staff.   In addition to the above there is the training department as an alternative for improvement, to carry out the development of thematic concerning the improvement work through practical and theoretical training as well as the detection of training needs that allow us continue to have development opportunities in the company.   2.1.2 Maintenance   The maintenance area has a set of departments that carry control, optimization and maintenance of the vehicle fleet of the Company. Mechanical Maintenance.   Among several of its activities is the Keep flotilla units in proper operating condition, taking just a program of preventive maintenance of the units (both electrical system, engine, transmission, differential and gearbox). In the case of corrective maintenance ensures timely count the parts and materials needed to provide service to the units and make the necessary repairs.   The department also has the support of tablachero of the company, to take control and quality of the tires of the units of the company. Corporate image.   In this department the interior of the units external physical image and is maintained, making the programming and coordination of maintenance work units to be made promptly (this is done based on work tinsmith, automotive paint, upholstery, installation of glass and body). Purchasing.   It is in charge of acquiring the items requested by all areas of the company, especially spare parts for maintenance, which will be in the best conditions of quality, cost and delivery time. Which favors the Maintain adequate inventory of products in stock. In addition it is also responsible for assessing the level of service providers. Store.   Make the Determination of inventory policies with which verifies and makes the inputs and outputs of the various materials and products store. It generates and the corresponding material requisitions requesting follow the purchasing department. Once you receive the materials assigned location locations within their facilities.   2.1.3 Sales   One of the most important features of this company is located in the activities of sales area, because it is the administrative link between our company and customers to give them service and customers who intend to add to our list of services. Marketing   Generates Increase in the number of sales of services (clients) fixed, Resolving any internal problem that hinders the exit of the economic proposal to new customers, taking just negotiations with prospects to customers to be fixed with benefits on both sides. Customer Care   Technical visits to customers, with the intention to meet and ensure the quality of service provided to them, generally relies on instruments such as satisfaction surveys of customers and users. Make review and control of the maturities of the contracts for the renewal thereof is prepared, and if relevant set and determine increases or repricing of established services.     2.1.4 Operation   The operation area monitors and the proper administration of units, checking units do not leave without a service established above not to affect the operation and optimize responsiveness to meet any eventuality in service. It expected to have the full complement of operators.   Meet service requirements of potential customers with sales and guarantee service to schools and captive companies at set times.   Monitor the safety of the units through a check-list daily newspaper and having extinguishers review, working lights, tires.   Overseeing the operation of Radio booth operation, which is where takes place all control of the flotilla by radio communication systems and satellite trunk.   It relies on the logistics department to determine routes that optimize service times in the transfer of customers, in addition to favoring the reduction or control of spending units for transfers. TRANSPORT ESL exist in S.A. DE C.V. four runnings of units all located in Naucalpan and where the guard units is carried when not in use.     2.1.5 Surveillance and external oversight.   The monitoring department is responsible for conducting the security operation that is performed on all the bulls through compliance with the watchwords by security elements. Verify and monitor the reporting of the relationship of confinement, sketches and reporting anomalies 4 confinements. Perform monitoring cameras and to report to his immediate supervisor anomalies that arise. The monitoring service works preventively and deterrence.   Meanwhile the department of external supervision performs a key role in the company because it facilitates and enforces the internal regulations of the Company, in order to maintain and safeguard order and security inside and outside the company, although its function is more linked with operators also become involved with all areas of the company.   EXERCISE 4 MAKE YOUR COMMENTS.   1.- According to this information your department and your job are critical to the company? Why?. 2. What do you expect from the other departments of the company ?.     BIBLIOGRAPHY.     1. TRANSPORT ESL S.A. DE C.V. (2006) 2. EMANUEL SANCHEZ, M. (2006) COURSE MANUAL design and delivery of training courses. IINCODEH, MEXICO, DF 3. TRANSPORT ESL S.A. DE C.V. (2006) 4. (2005) THE LOYALTY OF EMPLOYEES. ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT.

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